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saybyetobuylocalWe devoted the whole of a special 3-hour Royal City Rag on October 17 to CFRU 93.3fm’s Raise Your Voice fundraising campaign. Thank you to everyone who helped the station reach our goal of $10,000 to support repairs to our transmitter. Here’s looking forward to being able to return to 250W of community power in the not to distant future!

During the first hour we chatted on the phone to both Annie O’Donoghue (from the Guelph Civic League )about Judy Rebick’s recent visit and Virginia Gilham (from Friends of the Guelph Public Library) about their giant book sale taking place October 24-25. Guelph guitarist extrordinaire Mike Mucci came in to play live during the second hour.

In the third hour, Guelph Storytellers Brad Woods and Sya Van Geest joined us to share a few tales and Norah Chaloner from the Guelph Chapter of the Council of Canadians popped in to remind us about the Say Bye to Buy Local speaking tour featuring Council of Canadians’ Maude Barlow and Sid Ryan from CUPE Ontario, visiting Kitchener on October 19 and Hamilton on November 19. Expect to hear more about this issue on Royal City Rag.

Finally, we squeezed in a phone interview with Simon Irving from the Guelph Symphony Orchestra. Catch their performance of autumn classics at the River Run on October 25.

Not quite a cast of thousands, but lots of fun nevertheless.

Thanks again to all the Royal City Rag listeners who pledged their support to CFRU93.3fm. A special thank you to Sheila O’Reilly and Sarah Mangle for all their help during the show.

Cuff The Duke, Promises from Way Down Here
Hazel Dickens Busted from Hard-hitting Songs For Hard Hit People
Bonnie Raitt & Friends Something To Talk About from Bonnie Raitt And Friends Live
Ocote Soul Sounds, Vendende-Saude-Y-Fe from Coconut Rock
Mike Mucci, Sunnyside Of Guelph from Sunnyside E.P.
John Fahey, On Doing An Evil Deed Blues from The Legend Of Blind Joe Death
Mike Mucci, Nico! from M.Mucci (Live)
Mike Mucci, As Yet Untitled (Live)
Mike Mucci, As Yet Untitled (Live)
Mike Mucci, Eramosa from Under The Tulip Tree (Live)
Nick Lowe, What’s So Funny About Peace Love and Understanding from At Your Age (Bonus Tracks)
Fugitives, Broken Promises from Find Me EP
Flying Lizards, (I Want) Money from Flying Lizards

Listen to the show:
Part 1

Part 2

Part 3


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I was up early on April 4 for another Saturday Royal City Rag; filling in for my good friend Alden Hadwen, host of Chelsea Morning on CFRU 93.3fm (Saturday mornings 7-9 a.m.).

Alden’s Chelsea Morning is a wonderful music show featuring singer-songwriters with poetry “on the half-hour” while Royal City Rag in its Wednesday slot (6-7 p.m.) is predominantly a spokenword show heavy with community content. Saturday Royal City Rag is a nice blend of the two.

During the first hour we talked to Chantelle Leidl, from Guelph Environmental Leadership, about the Spring Ecomarket, taking place in Old Quebec Street later in the day, with over 25 exhibitors providing practical and green ways to live.

Later in the hour we played an interview with Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario, recorded on the Unbottle It tour (with Maude Barlow) about why we should all ditch bottled water. The Council of Canadians are encouraging everyone to say no to the bottle and make the pledge to support publicly owned and delivered water.

In the second hour we aired a truly inspirational interview recorded with musician and environmental activist Sarah Harmer, at the recent Environmental Science Symposium.

And finally, we  chatted to Guelph heritage activist Susan Ratcliffe about Doors Open Guelph coming up on Saturday April 25, and, this year, including an opportunity to nose around the new City Hall!

It turned out to be a pretty busy show. We  hope you enjoyed it.

Mary Margaret O’Hara, A New Day (Royal City Rag Theme) from Miss America
Teddy Thompson, The Things I Do from from A Piece Of What You Need
John Martyn, Bless The Weather from Sweet Little Mysteries, The Island Anthology
Neko Case, Never Turn Your Back On Mother Earth from Middle Cyclone
Stephen Fearing, Yellowjacket from The Man Who Married Music
Sarah Harmer, Escarpment Blues (Live) from At The Barricades Volume 1
James Gordon, Wet/Dry Blues from Song Of Our City
Mike Mucci, St Georges Square from Under The Tulip Trees
Bruce Cockburn, Beautiful Creatures from At The Barricades Volume 1
Guelph Youth Singers, Song Of Our City from Song Of Our City
Eramosa Brass With The Of Chords We Are, When St George’s Square Was Pretty from Song Of Our City
Teenage Fanclub, Is This Music? (Royal City Rag Closing Theme) from Bandwagonesque

Listen to the show:
Part 1

Part 2

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David Graham joined us again on March 11 to talk about some of the transit issues affecting Guelph. In David’s estimation, the GTA West project still looks like it’s leaning toward building a new 400 series highway despite the fact that light rail transportation would be a far better solution. Unfortunately the Ontario Ministry of Transportation only seems interested in solutions that involve the building of another highway.

The good news is that the Go Trains will be coming to Guelph sooner rather than later. However, the bad news is that both Go and the City of Guelph think (at least, initially) the downtown railway station should be the only Go Train facility.

This seems completely wrongheaded particularly as it will entail building a 1200 car parking garage near the station where commuters will leave their cars all day why they head off to Toronto for work.

Surely it would make more sense to build a Park and Ride parking lot on the LaFarge property close to the highway network?

As well, commuters would have to pay parking fees downtown so that developers can get their money back. Whereas, at a Park and Ride parking lot parking could be free. This would clearly be an incentive for people to leave their cars behind and take public transportation.

Seems like downtown is looking at three new parking garages in the near future… which will do nothing more than hold cars all day.

I’m all for encouraging people to go downtown, but just to park their cars?

Check out David Graham’s blog for more on how we can cope with our transportation challenges… and why investing in real public transportation would be a good thing for all of us, not just for those in the business of building roads and parking garages.

Did I also mention that we discussed what could be a better use of the billions being talked about to bailout North America’s failing auto companies?

Can you imagine the public transportation network we’d have if we threw $3 billion at it instead of trying to keep the “Big Three” car makers alive for a few more months?

Personally, I’d let Chrysler go to the wall after the threats their joke of a CEO made about pulling out of Canada, if they didn’t get all they wanted.

Beyond transit issues… we aired a great interview with Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario, recorded on the Unbottle It tour with Maude Barlow, about why we should ditch bottled water and go back to the tap.

The Council of Canadians would like to highlight the number of individuals who are rejecting bottled water by collecting pledge signatures through their website.

To sign the pledge, visit: http://www.canadians.org/water/issues/World_Water_Day/petition/index.php

Stephen Fearing, Home from The Man Who Married Music
Stompin Tom Connors, The Flying CPR from The Stompin Tom Phenomenon

Listen to the show:

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Transit and Transportation advocate David Graham will be joining us again on Royal City Rag on March 11.

Among other things we’ll be talking about the GTA West Corridor project and the proposed upgrades to the Hanlon Expressway. David also has some interesting things to say about the Go Trains coming to Guelph and why a true Park and Ride facility would be good for Guelph.

The show won’t just be about transit though…

We also have a great interview with Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario about why we should ditch bottled water.

Listen live on CFRU 93.3fm, Guelph’s Campus and Community Radio Station or after the fact via the website.

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unbottle_smMarch 22 is World Water Day. To celebrate the occasion the Council of Canadians would like to invite you to sign the tap water pledge to show your support for public water.

Because water is a human right and a public resource, more and more Canadians are consciously choosing tap water over bottled water. So far, 24 municipalities have adopted policies to restrict the sale and purchase of bottled water. In addition, church groups, school boards, universities, restaurants and other institutions are choosing not to serve or sell bottled water in their facilities or at their events.

But the choice you make as an individual is important too.

The Council of Canadians would like to highlight the number of individuals who are rejecting bottled water by collecting signatures through an online tap water pledge.

To sign the pledge, visit: http://www.canadians.org/water/issues/World_Water_Day/petition/index.php

You can also show your support for public tap water by joining their tap water supporters’ gallery by sending a photo of yourself drinking a glass of water (or showing support for public water in other creative ways) to bluecommunities@canadians.org.

Set up a photo booth on World Water Day, March 22 and get members of your community to pose with a  glass of public water. They  will post the photos on our website shortly after World Water Day as part of our ongoing campaign to promote public water.

This World Water Day, help the Council of Canadians send a message to governments and the bottled water industry that people in Canada support public water!

For for more information on other ways to participate in World Water Day activities, please visit www.canadians.org/water.

Listen to why Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario, thinks we all need to dump bottled water and go back to the tap:

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gasvbottledwater1The Unbottle It! Tour: Water as a Human Right

Fresh from her latest visit to Guelph to talk about why we should dump bottled water, Maude Barlow, National Chairperson of the Council of Canadians and United Nations Advisor on Water, will be in Waterloo on Thursday January 22 2009, at the First United Church, 16 William St. W., Waterloo. She will again be accompanied by Sid Ryan, President of CUPE Ontario.

If you missed the tour in Guelph, it would be well worth going along to Waterloo. Both presentations are well worth hearing.

The goal of this visit is to build on local successes at banning bottled water from schools and municipalities, promote new bans, work toward a provincial ban, and help link bottled water to the commoditization of water in people’s minds.

According to the National Office of the Council of Canadians:

 “there are numerous reasons to hate bottled water, including environmental and health concerns, but we’re going on tour to focus on the importance of public water and seeing water as part of the commons, not a commodity. And of course we’ll talk about the need for strong provincial and federal policies to protect water and ensure access to clean water for all Canadians.”

The evening presentations start at 7.00 p.m.

The Unbottle It! Tour: Water as a Human Right
Who: Maude Barlow and Sid Ryan
When: Thursday, January 22.
Admission: FREE
Presented by The Council of Canadians and CUPE Ontario

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Are There Water Wars in Our Future?
Guelph Mercury, January 12, 2009
Letter to the Editor by Brian Skerrett

Dear Editor – Is it just melodrama or sensationalism to hear about the possibilities of war over access to water?

Not according to some of the world’s leading experts in the field. The relatively minor disagreements in Guelph between groups such as the Council of Canadians or Wellington Water Watchers and Nestlé Waters Canada may be a minor glimpse of what is coming.

Milton Clark, a senior health and science adviser for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has stated: “We will in fact get into major water wars. You will see water wars coming in every way, shape or form. In the U.S. there are some leading politicians who have said the Great Lakes do in fact belong (to everyone) and all water should be nationalized — and this certainly is a concern.”

Clark also said, “Water issues that are currently emerging will develop into bitter conflicts in the not-too-distant future when those dry states become increasingly desperate.”

Ontario and Quebec have already signed an agreement that would ban bulk transfers of Great Lakes water to other jurisdictions, and they are now waiting for the eight Great Lakes states and U.S. Congress to finalize a similar deal.

One of the problems is that this ban on bulk transfers does not cover transfers of quantities of water in smaller packages, such as 12-ounce (355 millilitre) plastic bottles. And this leads to the current disputes over water-taking licences involving Nestlé’s plant in Aberfoyle.

Maude Barlow, chair of the Council of Canadians and one of the world’s leading experts on the topic of water, has recently been appointed as senior adviser to the president of the Assembly of the United Nations. She will be in Guelph at the Norfolk United Church at 7 p.m. Wednesday January 14 as part of a 15-city tour of Ontario.

CUPE Ontario and the Council of Canadians co-sponsored the Unbottle It! Tour. Sid Ryan, president of CUPE Ontario, will also be speaking.

A special Water Information Fair will precede the speakers, at 5.30 p.m. Representatives from some of the local groups who are working to protect our water resources will attend to distribute written material and respond to questions.

Those who attend will have the opportunity to have their questions answered or their answers questioned. It promises to be an exciting event that is vital to our times.

If you are even a bit skeptical about the seriousness of this issue, check YouTube’s “Blue Gold: World Water Wars.”

Brian Skerrett, secretary, Council of Canadians, Guelph

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