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Consumerism Is The Problem Not The Remedy
Joanna MacDonald, Letter to the Guelph Mercury
September 20
, 2010

Great letter in the Guelph Mercury today. Well said, Joanna!

Like most students returning to Guelph last week, I had to make a shopping trip to pick up a few things as I settled into my new home for the next eight months. As I was leaving a local shopping plaza a simple 8-by-10 sign on a door stopped me in my tracks.

It read, “Never underestimate the power of retail therapy.” I was overcome with shock from this blatant lie posted right in my face.

However, shock was quickly replaced with worry about the hundreds of other poor souls who also saw and, worst of all, believed this lie. Therefore, I felt compelled to write and remind my fellow citizens that more does not equal better and stuff does not equate to happiness. But more importantly, not only is this sign lying to us, it is encouraging us to take part in a detrimental activity — consumerism — one of the culprits killing our planet.

Rather than retail therapy I would suggest nature therapy. Go outside and enjoy nature … it’s free.

Joanna MacDonald
Environmental science student
University of Guelph

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The Kenneth Hammond Lecture Series On Environment, Energy And Resources: Human Dimensions Of The Environment
Friday March 26 (Keynote address)
Saturday March 27 (Symposium)

Free admission
Please RSVP to: hls@uoguelph.ca;

This annual series, sponsored by the University of Guelph and the School of Environmental Sciences (SES), is named for Kenneth Hammond, a former member of the university Board of Governors and an advocate for environmental and resource issues and environmental education.


Friday, March 26 at 7.00 p.m.
Keynote Address: War Memorial Hall, University of Guelph
Bringing Industry Sectors On-Board to Sustainable Development: A Case Study of the Canadian Electricity Association”
Blair Feltmate, Professor, Faculty of Environment, and Director of Sustainability Practice, University of Waterloo

Saturday, March 27 from 9 a.m. – 3.30 p.m.
All Day Symposium: City Hall Council Chambers, Downtown Guelph.

Part 1 – Presentations

  • “Community Energy Planning: The Guelph Experience”
    Karen Farbridge, Mayor, City of Guelph
  • “Energy and Environment from a community perspective”
    Mark McNally, V.P. & Founder, Green & Clean Energy Co. Ltd.
  • “Being Green: More than an Image”
    Rumina Dhalla, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph
  • “The Social Responsibility of Business is to Create Value”
    Elizabeth Kurucz, PhD, Assistant Professor, University of Guelph
  • “New North American Strategies to Address Climate Change”
    Jose Etcheverry Ph.D, Assistant Professor, York University

Part 2 – Comments and Perspectives Panel Discussion

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Royal City Rag on March 20 will have a distinctly environmental flavour. As Spring is in the air, its time to think about how you will manage your garden this coming growing season.

In the first hour we’ll be talking about how you can develop your own healthy, environmentally-sustainable landscape at your home or place of business.

Developing beautiful, healthy landscapes does not always mean hours of maintenance and ritualistic pesticide use. In fact, through some proper landscape planning, proactive maintenance, and proper plant selection, you will significantly reduce your requirements for weeding, watering, continued maintenance and eliminate the need for pesticides.

We’ll be welcoming back to the show Karen McKeown, from the City of Guelph Healthy Landscapes  program to discuss why you should take advantage of a free Landscape Assessment this year.  She’ll also be updating us on some upcoming gardening events and lectures.

Pollinating Bee on a Dandelion (Photo courtesy: City of Guelph)

In the second hour of the show we will be joined by Councillor Vicki Beard from the City of Guelph and Landscape Architecture Professor at the University of Guelph Karen Landman to talk about the work of Pollination Guelph.

Pollination Guelph is a group dedicated to conserving and developing pollinator habitat. In partnership with the City of Guelph, they are developing Ontario’s first large-scale Pollinator Park on the site of the old East View landfill.  

Their annual Pollination Symposium takes place on March 27 at the Orchard ParkCentre at the Ignatius Centre, 5420 Hwy 6 North, Guelph. This year’s theme is “Pollinator Plantings, Great and Small” and will feature a number of speakers, a silent auction, pollination-related materials for sale and booths with information on pollination, pollinators, and other ecological topics.

The cost is $30 for pre-registrants, or $35 at the door. Pre-registrations can be sent to pollinationguelph@gmail.com.

Download a copy of the program

To top it all off, we’ll also be reminding you about Guelph Urban Forest Friends “Little Art for Big Trees” art show taking place at 10 Carden on March 2o from 11 a.m. until 4 p.m. and Wellington Waterwatchers’ special event to “Celebrate World Water Day”taking place in the EL Fox Auditorium at John F Ross Collegiate on March 22 from 7-10 p.m.

As always there will be a lot of cool music thrown in for good measure. Sounds like a great show. You won’t want to miss it!

Royal City Rag, Saturdays 7-9 a.m. on CFRU93.3fm, Guelph’s Campus-Community Radio Station.

Remember if you don’t catch Royal City Rag live on CFRU93.3fm, you can pick it up later that day via the CFRU archive or here, on the blog, the next day.

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Finding Hope: Spiritual Resources In Environmental Crisis

The second in the series, February 10 at 7.30 p.m at The Fat Duck (Corner of Kortright and Edinburgh, Guelph)

Relaxed conversations on spirituality and the environment taking place in one of Guelph’s best eateries, The Fat Duck Pub!

Where can you find hope in the face of the environmental crisis that threatens the planet?

Join the discussion with people that care deeply about the fate of our planet.

Following Mike Nagy’s presentation on Wednesday, January 27 why not spend an evening with Father Jim Profit from the Ignatius Jesuit Centre on Wednesday, February 10?

All welcome.

Sponsored by the Anglican and United Churches

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Finding Hope: Spiritual Resources In Environmental Crisis

January 27 & February 10 at 7.30 p.m at The Fat Duck (Corner of Kortright and Edinburgh, Guelph)

Relaxed conversations on spirituality and the environment.

Where can you find hope in the face of the environmental crisis that threatens the planet?

And, its all taking place in one of Guelph’s best eateries, The Fat Duck Pub!

Join the discussion with two presenters that care deeply about the fate of our planet:

  • Mike Nagy on Wednesday, January 27
  • Jim Profit on Wednesday, February 10

All welcome.

Sponsored by the Anglican and United Churches

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This one nearly slipped by…

The GTA West Corridor is likely to be a new expressway coming in from the east at the top of the city that will hook up with the new 400 series expressway previously known as the Hanlon Expressway and the new highway 7.

Sounds great if you like dirty great roads and the attendant environmental impact.

If like me you’d prefer to see the money spent on an efficient environmentally friendly light rail link for Southern Ontario then I’d suggest you take a look at this info and write back to them.

It’s not for nothing that they refer to the Ministry of Transportation as the Ministry for Roads!

From the announcement they sent:

“The report summarizes the process and methodology that was used to identify transportation problems and opportunities in the GTA West
Corridor and documents the key findings of this work. The report also provides further detail and background information on the transportation problems and opportunities that were presented at the March 2009 Public Information Centres.

The entire report can be downloaded from the study website at: http://www.gta-west.com.

The website also features the most up-to-date information on the study schedule and consultation and outreach events.

We look forward to your input and comments on the draft report. Written comments can be provided on the project website at

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Cafe-Scientifique-ad-Conservation logoCafe Scientifique
July 16 at 7.00 p.m.

David Hall, Associate Professor, Ecosystem and Public Health, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary

David Hall“Ecosystem Approaches to Health: Agriculture and Animal Disease”

Dr. Hall will talk about the role of science in developing sustainable systems of ecosystem health with examples from Bangladesh and Vietnam. Combatting newly emerging infectious diseases continues to require more integrated approaches to health management, not only at the level of agricultural resources but also at the level of institutional co-operation. Avian influenza in Asia serves as an example but the lessons are important for other diseases and countries.


Visit the Cafe Scientifique website for more details.

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