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The 2nd Canadian Labour International Film Festival will be coming to Guelph on November 28 for a special Festival-in-a box screening at the Guelph and District Labour Council, 141 Woolwich Street, (Matrix Building, Woolwich and Eramosa) starting at 2.00 p.m.

CLiFF aims to increase awareness about labour issues worldwide by screening short films about workers and the conditons under which they live in over 50 locations across Canada about workers and the conditions under which they live and work.

Twenty-two Canadian and international films have been selected for the festival, nine are Canadian, four American, two British, and one each from Australia, Egypt, India, Pakistan, Singapore, Turkey and the Netherlands.

The featured films to be shown in Guelph are:

  • The Union Song (2010). A short video featuring a bluegrass song about how all members of the education community work together to keep the public school system strong (3 minutes).
    DIRECTOR: Daniel Fewings
    PRODUCER: Daniel Fewings, Canada
  • The Delano Manongs – Forgotten Heroes Of The UFW (Trailer, 2010). The story of farm labour organizer Larry Itliong and a group of Filipino farm workers who instigated one of the American farm labour movement’s finest hours – The Delano Grape Strike of 1965 that brought about the creation of the United Farm Workers Union (UFW). While the movement is known for Cesar Chavez’s leadership and considered a Chicano movement, Filipinos played a pivotal role that began it all. Filipino labour organizer, Larry Itliong, a five foot five cigar-chomping union veteran, organized a group of 1500 Filipinos to strike against the grape growers of Delano, California (6 minutes 57 seconds)
    DIRECTOR: Marissa Aroy
    PRODUCER: Niall McKay, USA
  • Neoliberalism As Water Balloon (2009).  A DIY experiment illustrating the impact of neoliberal economics on class, race and gender equality (12 minutes)
    DIRECTOR: Tim McCaskell
    PRODUCER: Richard Fung, Canada
  • Work In Progress (2009). The life of an injured worker is seen through her challenges, both personal and the bureaucratic (11 minutes 33 seconds)
    DIRECTOR: Chavisa
    PRODUCER: Chavisa, Canada
  • Special Pass (2009). A documentary about a group of foreign workers in Singapore who attempt to seek shelter and support themselves while out of work. This is the lesser-known story of foreigners who receive little support in a country that, ironically, was built by the work of immigrants (24 minutes).
    DIRECTOR: Vicknesh Varan
    PRODUCER: Rupture Films, Singapore
  • The Curious Case Of The Missing Recovery (2010). “Stanfordo” searches far and wide for answers to a mystery that continues to baffle hard-working Canadians. How can the federal government and Bank of Canada proclaim an economic recovery when hundreds of thousands of workers are still jobless, and millions are still reeling from one of the worst downturns since the Great Depression? (13 minutes 25 seconds)
    DIRECTOR: Michael Connolly
    PRODUCER: CAW, Canada
  • Silent Voices: Home-based Women Workers In Pakistan (2010). The stories of home-based women workers in Pakistan, told in a gritty and realistic style (14 minutes)
    DIRECTOR: Aisha Gazdar
    PRODUCER: Films D’Art, Pakistan/France
  • Sudden Wake (2009). The story of the struggle of Egypt’s first independent trade union – the Real Estate Tax Authority Union (RETA). RETA was formed in December 2008, one year after tax collectors there held a two-week sit-in in front of the Cabinet Building. They face constant harrassment from the Egyptian government as well as the country’s official labour federation, the ETUF.
    DIRECTOR: Mahmud Farag
    PRODUCER: Hamza Ashraf, Egypt
  • Red Dust (2010). The incredible story of resistance, courage and hope by women workers in China battling cadmium poisoning and demanding justice from the local government and their employer, a multi-national battery manufacturer (20 minutes).
    DIRECTOR: Karin T. Mak
    PRODUCER: Karin T. Mak, USA

Scotty Hertz, host of The Working Week on CFRU 93.3fm and one of the organizers of the CLiFF Guelph screening will be one of our guests on Royal City Rag during our second hour on Saturday November 27 (9-10 a.m).

Remember if you don’t catch Royal City Rag live, you can always pick it up later that day via the CFRU archive or on this website a day or so later.


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We continued our coverage of the upcoming municipal election during the first hour of Royal City Rag on October 2.

Erinn White, President of the Guelph Labour Council joined us to chat about the role of labour council within the city as well as political endorsements and contributions.

It’s an excellent interview and well worth checking out if you missed it. During the interview Erinn explained the process the labour council used to make the recently announced endorsements.

For the record, although the GLC has made candidate endorsements for the 2010 election, they will not be making a financial contribution to any candidate this time around.

For more information on the Guelph Labour Council visit www.guelphlabourcouncil.ca.

Later in the first hour we discussed why we believe changes should be made to the municipal elections act in relation to financial contributions.

We would prefer that financial contributions from unions and corporations are banned, as they have been in Toronto. These groups are not individuals – they cannot vote. Why should they then be able to influence the election outcome through their financial support?

We would also like to see candidates make their financial contributions public before election day, not five months afterwards. Voters should have the right to see who is supporting a particular candidate’s campaign.

For more on this issue, check out Funding city Politics on the www.voteguelph.ca website.

And finally, we tackled what we are now calling Blog-gate, an outbreak of multiple blogging personality disorder on the Guelph Mercury city council blog 59 Carden St

Unfortunately former councillor, Cathy Downer, the campaign manager for mayoral candidate Karen Farbridge seems to be one of the most severe cases that have been identified to date.

Not only was she using five different anonymous identities on the blog (Mark, Patty, Bob, ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Real Facts’) but she even had them contradicting each other in an effort to make a particular point.

Apparently it was all intended to correct misinformation on the blog and protect the good name of Farbridge who has since claimed she knew nothing of the blogging disorder.

Inexplicably, Farbridge has not asked Downer to resign. It is hard to imagine a candidate at the federal or provincial level handling an issue of deception in such a casual way.

To make the situation even more interesting we have since learned that this disorder has also afflicted mayoral candidate David Birtwistle in the past (Grunt and Stinky Winky). Fortunately he managed to get his condition under control before the election campaign got under way in earnest. However Ward 4 candidate Cam Guthrie seems to also have been severely affected (according to the Mercury – Karl, Linda, Sandy, Ken, Jim T., Holly and “Bookworm”). He even had the identities encouraging him to run for council. Bizarre. See “Something ‘Stinky-winky’ In Election Blogosphere” for more details.

Which raises the question, are we holding our politicians to a lower ethical standard than we expect from ourselves?

Is it any wonder that there is so much cynicism out there. Perhaps we do need to add none of the above to the ballot.

Check out www.voteguelph.ca for more information on this issue. We will definitely be talking about it on Municipal Election Radio, Tuesdays 7-9 a.m. on CFRU 93.3fm.

Listen to the show:

Jack Teagarden, I Swung The Election from Jack Teagarden And His Orchestra
Billy Bragg, There is Power In A Union from The Essential Billy Bragg
Pinky And The Brain TV Theme
Ry Cooder, One Cat, One Vote, One Beer from My Name Is Buddy

Royal City Rag, Saturdays 8-10 a.m. on CFRU93.3fm in Guelph. Remember if you don’t catch Royal City Rag live, you can always pick it up later that day via the CFRU archive or here, on the blog, a day or so later.

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We’re going back on the municipal election beat during the first hour of Royal City Rag on October 2. Erinn White, President of the Guelph Labour Council will be joining us to chat about the role of labour council within the city as well as politcal endorsements and contributions. It should be a very interesting interview.

Later on in the first hour we’ll be talking about Blog-o-gate, the scandal that is currently afflicting the Karen Farbridge Re-election Campaign. If you don’t know about this, you really need to check out www.voteguelph.ca and read this post about Dirty Campaign Tactics.  It seems her campaign manager, former city councillor Cathy Downer, has been found to be not only posting anonymously on the Guelph Mercury city council blog 59 Carden St but doing so under FIVE different aliases.

Not only was she using these five different identities (Mark, Patty, Bob, ‘Hide & Seek’ and ‘Real Facts’) but, believe it or not, she even had a couple of them contradict each other on blog postings to increase the effect of the point that she was making.

As Downer has already admitted to using the five aliases to post anonymously on the Mercury blog leaves this matter in no doubt. The question is what do we do about it?

Is it a serious issue, or, as Downer has claimed,  just someone posting anonymously on a blog that doesn’t really have any rules?

We’ll have a lot more to say about this on the show tomorow and on CFRU 93.3fm’s Municipal Election Radio on Tuesday from 7-9 a.m.

For more on CFRU 93.3fm’s Municipal Election Programming, visit www.voteguelph.ca.

In the second hour, we’ll be previewing the Guelph Studio Tour with local jewellery designer and crafter Michelle Miller, potter Iris Dorton and painters Michelle LeBlanc and Larry Lawrence. The Guelph studio tour takes place from October 15-17. For more information on the studio tour visit www.guelphstudiotour.ca.

As usual we’ll wrap it up with some fun music. You won’t want to miss it!

Royal City Rag, Saturdays 8-10 a.m. on CFRU93.3fm in Guelph. Remember if you don’t catch Royal City Rag live, you can always pick it up later that day via the CFRU archive or here, on the blog, a day or so later.

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